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2012/01/19 AM 10:24:03

General planting tips

No matter how moist the surface of the soil feels, before planting, submerge each potted specimen in a bucket of water until the escaping bubbles dissipate; then remove and drain. Trim back any dead or damaged growth and, afgter removing the pot, any overly long roots. Dig over the area to be planted, improving the soil as necessary.


2012/01/18 AM 11:57:41

Design ideas for easy-care gardens

There are a great many reasons why you may want to water your garden easier and less time-consuming to maintain. Happily, there are numerous strategies and solutions that can be employed without wasting your time and effort.

Patio Hose Set
Buy the AquaLean compact hose reel set home, hang it on the wall where closer to the tap, attach the 3/4”hose adaptor to the tap, take the hand spray with the hose out to water your garden or patio in the range of 10M in dia., and then place the hand spray back to the hanging hole on the reel for easy storage to wait for next time watering.


2012/01/18 AM 11:18:56

Benefits of a low-maintenance garden

With adjustments to your existing plot, or strategic planning when building from scratch, you can enjoy a beautiful garden even if you have little time or energy to look after it. Most high-maintenance lawn or plants have low-maintenance alternatives, and many routine watering jobs can be omitted altogether.

How much time do you have?


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